Friday, 22 August 2014

Poem About the Ocean

This is my poetry and picture that represents the inquiry topic for the term, Tagata O Le Moana! Take a look!

A Normal Day, A Normal Life
By Jayden

Savage waves,
yearning for victims.
The fear of the unknown,
longing to join me,
The endless cycle of depression -
waves crashing on the shore.
A soothing death,
My pity of the men I drown,
scattered among the remains of others
at the bottom of the ocean.

Ranginui’s tears,
ashamed of his son.

Roaring solitude,
exaggerating my strength,
Searching for famished souls,
Screams echoing my wrath.

The blood of the courageous,
inside of my enemies,
Soon to be devoured.
My brutal ignorance,
Death is second nature.

Tawhirimatea’s pleas,
forgiving brotherly vengeance,
Unending appetite,
backfiring pity.

I am a monster,

I am the sea.

Hungry as ever,

You better flee...

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