Monday, 14 November 2011

My Fitness Log

From my data I can see that I am improving a lot and that I've been running for a longer and longer duration.
My fitness goal is to run 13 laps till the end of term 4.

Friday, 11 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

Far beyond the edge of the world is my beautiful place. I can see an orange delicate creature in this world called Trigger Happy and an endless realm of islands known as Skylands. I can also see a mysterious magical voodoo man in his lair using spellbinding spells of magic and a rock solid purple dragon.

I can taste fluffy fur from the orange creature in my mouth and the oozing liquid mud. The grass tastes like metal. I can also taste misty air.

Also I can hear the dragon’s red hot fire. I can hear blasts banging like bombs falling and something extremely fast you can’t see it running - stomping loudly. I can hear booming and blowing rapidly.

The ground feels like a silky pup’s fur and the orange monster feels like a velvet kitten being stroked.The dragon feels like delicate rock that is easy to break breathing slowly and the dark blue lizard feels like your skin when breathing.

Last of all, I can smell burnt crispy smoke from the fiery friendly dragon and a mysterious mystical magic smell from the voodoo man named Voodood (silent d). Also I can smell a muddy lizard and the mist from the misty air.

Would you dare come here?