Monday, 29 July 2013

Genres of Writing

For this task I had to come up with genres for writing and come up with a few sub-genres that match the first genres. Take a look!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Smart Media Animation

This is my short animation about making sure that your information is true before you spread the information. Do you know which one was real? You decide!

Smart Media Animation by Jayden7fmvc89 on GoAnimate

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fact and Opinion

Fact: Candy is something that can rot your teeth.
Opinion: Candy is the most delicious delicacy.

Fact: Tree’s have branches that can be used for firewood.
Opinion: Trees are very important to me and I love them.

Fact: A monkey can be known as a primate or an simian.
Opinion: Monkeys are the pre-evolution of our normal human forms.

Fact: A carrot is hated by most children of the world
Opinion: Carrot taste like a mix of dirt and mud

Fact: Australia is the home to many Kangaroos
Opinion: Australia is an very hot country

Fact: A bird is a creature that can fly
Opinion: Birds are the only thing that can fly

Fact: Pizza is a type of food
Opinion: Pizza is one of the best circular shaped foods
Fact: A piano is a commonly used instrument;
Opinion: The piano is the worlds best instrument
Fact: A banana is the fruit most eaten by primates
Opinion: Banana’s are the best fruit in the world
Fact: Books can be read
Opinion: Books are better than anything in the whole world
Fact: A human is made out of bones
 Opinion: Humans are the reason why our community lives on
Fact: Shoes are clothing
Opinion: Shoes are the reason why we like to walk
Fact: Socks are usually worn before shoes
Opinion: Socks are wonderful
Fact: Clocks tell time
Opinion: Clocks are the reason why we are late and early