Monday, 25 February 2013

My Whare Tapa Wha

This is my Whare Tapa Wha. This represents the four walls of my house (Human body and Spirit)
Taha whanau, (Family) Taha tinana (Physical) Taha hinengano (Mental) and Taha wairua. (Spiritual)
Take a look! 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Jayden Description Writing T1W3

Friends. Brothers. The trampoline taunting. I can see the timber laughing. The petrified child forced to leap. The light rain trying to cover up the tears rushing down his face. Hastening.
A stuntman leaping off a tall building. An untried stunt. Wind tearing at his face. Ice cold shriveling his body to the bone. The fear gripping his body tightly. Waiting. Standing.

“Chh. Chh” The branch’s wicked smile slowly growing. Earbuds frozen. Dozens of fans. Cheering the exotic act. Whizzes passing through his head like someone punching him in the head over and over. The butterflies in and out of his stomach like ghosts. Heart frozen.

Oak scented flesh by his side. Disguised as a friend and waiting to push him off the building ledge. Rusted metal waiting to throw him over the fence. The drenched oak hand touching his face. Rigged.

Blood camping in his tastebuds. Clogging his throat. Rain pecking at the blood. Diving. The fear trying to be forced out of the boy’s body. Cold air driving past like traffic. Wind climbing up his face.

Spikes of the elderly tree. Armour breaking off. Sap clinging onto his body. Body resisting the jump. Knees bending. Extending. Soft fiber brushing against his legs. Branch dead on the ground. Air flowing past him. Frontflip. Safe on the ground. Light grass welcoming the boy. Home.

Buddy Reading T1W3

Me and Tevita read the poem 'My great excuses' and then we read the poem.
Take a look!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Mark Lowndes

On Wednesday the 13th of February, we were lucky enough to interview Mark Lowndes. He is famous for his appearance in Australia’s Got Talent. Miss aireen organised our interview, which we did online using Google Chat.
I learnt that Mark Lowndes favourite colours are green, black and yellow. He has been writing music for 12 years. His mother inspired him to sing. Mark Lowndes also sang us a song that he wrote in the islands. Mark has only walked the red carpet at his church.
He left us with the message to be patient because how he has been writing music and became famous over Australia’s Got Talent.
Below is an photo of Mark and a link to a video/site for more information.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Samoan Language Introduction

Talofa Lava le vasega - Hello Class
O a’u o Jayden - My name is Jayden
Ou te nofo i Upham Road Panmure - I live in Upham Road, Panmure
Ou te alu i le aoga o Tamaki Primary - I got to Tamaki Primary

Vasega valu o te i ai - I am in room 8
Ou te fiafia e alu i le a’oga - I like going to school

Ou te fiafia e tautala fa’asamoa - I like speaking in Samoan

Super Girl

Super Girl

In the dark misty day, in a modern parallel universe, was Super Girl. She had powers than nobody else could obtain. Everybody needed her help, but she liked to help her uncle Dave, he was all she had left.

Until one day...

Vaultrule the evil had a plan to capture Dave. He opened up a market store where everything is free. Dave rushed to the store and Vaultrule trapped Dave inside of the couch.

Super Girl used her powers to try and locate him and she flew to the evil store.
“Where are you?!” Super Girl yelled until she saw a couch moving.
“Dave!” She lifted the couch and Dave crawled out and used his mop weapon to blow up the store. Super Girl flew her and Dave out of the store. Booom! Vaultrule climbed out of the last remains of the store. “I’ll get you Super Girl!”

Volcano Description

The steam rising. The lava flowing. I can see the mix of the water and lava forming steam, rising in the sky. Ashes flying into the air. Water consuming the lava. I see the mountains trying to maintain itself from the ongoing lava.

I can hear sizzling sounds like someone cooking bacon . The lava slithering down. Rumbling sounds of the volcano like an earthquake. The lava forced out of the volcano making streaming mud sounds like it’s going down a slope.

The smoke, filling my nose with the horrible smell. Like a bushfire gone wrong. The smoke and ashes disintegrating into dust. The mountain with the lava burning its flesh to the bone.

I can taste the ash landing on my tastebuds. Bitter. Roasting. Smoke flying past my tongue.

My fingertips burning like a campfire. Hot steam - like putting your hand over a pot. Sweat rushing down my hands. Ashes burning flesh down to the bone.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Maths Symbols

I had to use the correct maths symbols to solve these equation, take a look!

WALT meaning of simple maths symbols

Add in the correct symbols to make these number sentences true:

2 +2=4













63 >22






Maths Language

Jayden Individual Poem

NZ Maori Kohanga student at younger times.
Said to be smart.
Year 7 student attending Tamaki Primary School.
I go to Wainui Scouts every Monday evening.
My name is Jayden.

Mum is the one who tries to keep us together.
My big sister eats all of our leftovers after we finished our food.
My small sister is the lazy one on diminished school days.
Pets are the noisy family.

I live in Auckland, Panmure.
Lots of friendly neighbours like the Tukia family.
Very quiet all the time, even on Saturdays.
This is my street.

My recent hobby is kayaking,
Kayaking would be fifth.
Eating would be fourth.
Sleeping would be the third.
Drinking would be a second.
Best of all would be my video games.

I hope to attend Dilworth School and become a pilot.
I want a nice family and nice friends.
If the scholarship gets rejected I don’t know what college I’m going to.
I hope that all of my hopes and dreams come true in the future.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Aspirations and Inspirations

Family Poem

My Family

My mum is a werewolf, naughty things are her moonlight, good things are her sunlight
Chardonnay is monkey, “Monkey see, monkey do”
I am a tamed pelican, eating most of the food
The chickens and ducks are a noisy family, annoying everybody
The cats and fish are a mouse and cheese, never getting the cheese
Jordan is a garbage bin, eating all of the leftovers
This is my family, as noisy as can be. At night we all rest, snoring up a sea.

Build Up Actions

Build Up Statements