Monday, 26 November 2012

My Tally and Column Chart

This is my Column and Tally Chart, as you can see dog has the most votes and most of the animals have one vote. Take a Look!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Persuasive Writing: Saving Energy

Do you hate having to pay a lot of money on your electricity bills? Well you’re in luck!
You should start saving energy now and reject your bills and make sure they go down.

Unbelievably, you should start by using public transport, using a bike or you could just walk to school or work, this prevents the earths preposterous climate change. Cars produce greenhouse gasses that melt the ice in the arctic that makes water overflow the earth.

Not only that, but also, this can save your money just as well as the animals in the arctic. Surely you would agree that you would want to save your’s and the worlds life?

My final point is that you should start saving energy here are two more reasons how: turn off all electronics when no one is using it and take shorter showers. This will save
money and our earth for our future generations.

That is why I think you should start saving energy. I recommend that you should make sure running taps and other never used appliances and electronics like your netbook are turned off when not in use.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ricky's Safety Advert

I helped Ricky make this video to read his advert about being safe around electricity. Take a look!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Robot

This is my robot, it's name is Diligath. He runs on pumpkins to give him energy to start the day 
(Biomass) and he can fly using his wings. His on button is on his left shoulder and he may look scary but he can't harm humans. He can't win against me at video games, pee or poop in the house, kill me or tease me.  Take a look!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Electricity Explanation

Is Mother Nature important? Yes, Mother Nature gives us non-renewable and renewable sources like Fossil Fuels from inside of the earth, Hydro Power from water when it rushes through, Wind of course from the wind, Geothermal from the heat inside of the earth, Solar energy from the sun, Biomass from the plants and Wave energy that is produced from the waves. Currently people predict that someday our non-renewable resources will go. But with all of these complex ways you can make electricity, how does it become something that we use every day with the flick of a switch? This explanation will describe the journey electricity takes from Mother Nature, to our homes.

Inside of a power plant is a generator. Fuels like Coal, Natural gas, Biomass and Uranium are used to heat the water until it produces steam which powers turbines and then this wonderful process generates our electricity and can be reused over and over again.

These power plants can’t be too close together so we have power lines, carried by tall towers to carry the electricity from a power plant to a substation, that you might wonder why they’re there and what they do.

When the power lines reach a substation which have transformers in them that can reduce the voltage so it is enough to power up all of our homes in a city or the whole country.

Just enough electricity has to be generated to our distribution lines which reaches our light switches. Too much or too little power, can crash the transmission system that could create a power outage or a blackout and this could affect the city if it did happen.

Some cities that usually have power like New York or such have been struck by an unfortunate hurricane (Hurricane Sandy) and have ended up with no power. It has been one week after the hurricane and some people in New York still have no power at all and it is one of the biggest cities in America. What would you do if you had no power?

After all the process the the electricity powers your mains box and your outputs that you can use to power your homes. If you think that it takes one person to make a lightbulb work, then you're wrong. This explanation shows just how complicated it really is just to power your homes.

By Tupou and Jayden

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guy Fawkes Description

I heard crackling noises as I woke up, I ran outside to see my family light the gunpowder filled  inventions. I could smell the bitter smoke and I could hear the blast of the fireworks. I could see the mass if rainbow coloured stars as they dissolved. On the other side of the street bonfires turning night into a fiesta. Animals were fleeing from the plague of explosions startling the stars. A range of lights making everyone excited and happy. I was alarmed from the flying gunpowder flying towards me before they scattered and landed towards the ground. A bright red star rocketed up into the sky greeting the other stars and paused for a moment and slowly made its way to the ground. I was amazed from the flaming red flare as it ended Guy Fawkes Day

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Atom Diagram

                        This is my diagram of how an atom is made. Take a look!