Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I am a year 6 student and I have just completed my 2nd year with a netbook. This is my 2012 reflection. 

Positives I experienced this year include that it is easier to make movies when you can have others use netbooks to bring up the script on a google doc and it is easier to share our work because we have our own blogs to share online by posting our work and sharing with the world. 

Negatives that occurred this year were that people played games in their learning time or rushed their work to finish and play games so they’re not up to the standards. Another negative is that people download music illegally and might download a virus and harm their netbooks. 

It was interesting that we learnt more shortcuts and learnt different types of docs. E.g: Spreadsheet, Drawing. 

Next year I’d like to learn form on google docs and I’d like to see if we get to take our netbooks home to show our parents our work.