Friday, 12 April 2013

Reading Goals Presentation

My PMI Reflection

I think that this term ‘Aspirations and Inspirations’ was a really good subject to choose. I think this because of how it helps people look into the future and it makes them really think of what they actually want to be when you grow up because when you are younger you might not be so sure and you might gain a vision of what you want to be. Another positive is that we get the thoughts and we get to know the skills we need to become what we want in the future.

Bad things that could happen is that you could not get a good job that you wanted or you might end up hating your life. You might end up not knowing where to go into the future and you might not pass your grades. Someone might not have enough inspiration in their life.

Something interesting is watching how people thought and how they changed what they wanted to be in the year and how and what classes you need to take when you go to college or high school. The most interesting thing to me is that you need to have people skills to get most of your jobs.