Friday, 24 October 2014

Explanation Writing

This week for written language we wrote pieces of writing related to this term's inquiry topic - Technology. We wrote a explanation writing about a certain need in our school or community.

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I believe that our school needs netbooks because it has helped us develop our writing and it has been proven throughout the three years that our school has been with Manaiakalani. This is important to us because computers have already made their way into our generation and we have been greatly affected from it. If you asked every student that owns a netbook, they would choose to use their netbooks instead of writing in a book. Would you agree?

Can you fit all your ideas onto a piece of paper during a writing test?
Personally when I was younger I could never get enough time to finish my writing during a test, even when I did, the teacher usually couldn’t read it because my writing was too messy. This is a major disability for people who have great talent, but messy writing. Netbooks help me type all of my ideas and it is easy for a teacher to understand after a writing test.

Netbooks have been a great step for many schools to take. It has adapted from many other things including dictionaries, books, thesauruses, and many more! Schools are changing! This can help each student adapt to their environments in good ways. This affects others because I used to always get sore hands during a writing test; so I would stop writing and wait for my hand to feel better. With netbooks you can type as much ideas as you want, without the disadvantages of using a pencil and writing.

Being noticed online. This a great advantage that is given to Manaiakalani schools and this is being used by letting us work to our netbook motto: learn, create and share! After our students finish producing our work we get to blog it for the world to see. This is something that has been introduced since our netbooks were first introduced and it helps us gather the courage to share with others online and in real life.

Netbooks have been very important throughout our lives and many lives more to come. Something as simple as laptops can affect a whole education system. If you ask other students then you would most likely get the same answers as listed above. I recommend that most people should rethink their thoughts about netbooks.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tuakana Teina Narrative Writing

Me and my buddy Edith worked together using pictures from the Art Technology group. We used them as places and characters in our story to help us create this writing. Take a look!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Prefixes Task

This is a task that shows our understanding of prefixes, Take a look!

A prefix is a word part that is added to the front of a base word to change the meaning of the word.


  1. My mum said “do not be ____Unkind____ to your sister.”
  2. I have to ____Unzip___ my jacket before taking it off.
  3. It is wrong to ___Mistreat____ animals.
  4. I asked him to ___Rewrite____ his maths sums because I could not read them.
  5. I enjoyed watching the ___Preview___ before the movie began.
  6. My little brother was often told not to ____Misbehave___.
  7. It is good to ___Reuse___ supermarket plastic bags.
  8. I had to ___Redo___ my homework because I spilt my cereal on it.
  9. I practised the word so that I would not ____mispell___ it in the writing test.
  10. I reread my favourite book every year.
  11.     The recipe told me to reheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  12. I really dislike having to tidy my room.
  13.     I was on a prepay mobile phone contract with vodafone.
  14.     I answered wrong because I misunderstood the question.
  15. Every morning mum drops my little brother at preschool.
  16. Whaea Petra was unable to close the P.E. container door.

Match the base word with the correct prefix to make a new word.


Use each of the words with their prefix in a sentence.
  1. I had to recharge my phone so i can go on it
  2. I had to unload the things in the car
  3. I was disconnected off the internet
  4. I didn’t qualify for the finals
  5. I wrote a mistake
  6. I overloaded my bag
  7. I recharged my netbook
  8. I unloaded the truck
  9. I was unhappy when i fell
  10. I have an  eating disorder

Prefixes Poster

For this task we needed to create a poster that reflects our thinking about what prefixes are with my partner Sam, Take a look!

Graphic Whale Organiser

For this task we needed to state the different cause and effects of a recent article that my reading group read. Take a look!

Graphic Whale Organizers:

Running low on whale poop
Carbon-dioxide absorbing plankton die
Years of overexploitation of whale meat and blubber
Populations of whales plummet
Phytoplanktons dying out.
Disturbs the ecosystem's food chain.
Iron in short supply
Phytoplankton can’t grow.
Whales can only defecate near the surface
Its nearby where the phytoplankton need them.
Whales defecate
Help plankton grow.
Whales continue to defecate iron
Removes 200,000 tonnes of carbon per year.
Adult blue whales consume two tonnes of krill per day.
More poop for Phytoplankton
Japanese allows whaling
Whales near to extinction, leading to no food for phytoplankton

Friday, 22 August 2014

Poem About the Ocean

This is my poetry and picture that represents the inquiry topic for the term, Tagata O Le Moana! Take a look!

A Normal Day, A Normal Life
By Jayden

Savage waves,
yearning for victims.
The fear of the unknown,
longing to join me,
The endless cycle of depression -
waves crashing on the shore.
A soothing death,
My pity of the men I drown,
scattered among the remains of others
at the bottom of the ocean.

Ranginui’s tears,
ashamed of his son.

Roaring solitude,
exaggerating my strength,
Searching for famished souls,
Screams echoing my wrath.

The blood of the courageous,
inside of my enemies,
Soon to be devoured.
My brutal ignorance,
Death is second nature.

Tawhirimatea’s pleas,
forgiving brotherly vengeance,
Unending appetite,
backfiring pity.

I am a monster,

I am the sea.

Hungry as ever,

You better flee...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Arts and Crafts: Sword

During our time in Arts and Crafts, my group did quilling. We used a pencil to quill the paper into a object of our choice. Take a look!