Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Slender Man - Ender World

“A note! Your smile will only last for now, Turn around and suffer your fate”
They turned around. Purple eyes pierced the face. A dark figure burst fire in his hand.
“Ohhhh he’s holding the sun!”
Two figures grabbed the man and woman and one shoved a fireball down their throat and the other penetrated the womans heart with his scythe...

Chapter 1, The King:

“Steve! Steve! Steve! Wake up!”
“Shut up or I’ll kill you!”
“Why? Because your a second evolution and I’m a first?”
“Yes, you finally got it right!!”
“Jeez thats not fair !”
“What colour do you want your coffin?”
“I wish it was blue.”
“Why Dan? You want me to make your dreams faster. I’ll help!”
“Man not now we need to get to the king”
Steve knocked down the door with all six of his arms and they walked out into Ender City.
“Hey look, there’s the king”
They looked near the city hall and found the king standing there with his two royal guards.
“Hey you two get over here!”
Steve and Daniel obeyed their kings orders and sped to him.

“Hey do you know Bob?”
Chapter 2
Generation Exploration

“Yes, hes our great great great great and a lot more great grandpa”
“Oh sorry... I didn’t know you were one of the slender born”
“I need to evolve you guys”
The king hesitated and pressed each of his ten palms on their foreheads and purple gas appeared before them and it disappeared.
“OK, I’ll tell you two the details, first Steve is generation 4 and the other generation 3..”
“You want to interrupt me?”
“So, generation 4 has 8 arms, horns, shark teeth, purple eyes (as always) and he has extended arms and legs”
“Generation 3 has 6 arms, saber tooth teeth, extended arms and legs and purple eyes”
“To earn generation 5, you must EARN it...”
The king grinned wildly.
“By doing... What exactly?”
“By slaying my abandoned son and the new Slender Man, he was the son of Jack Stynes, the previous Slender Man and my brother”
“So... Assassination?”
“Yes, are you willing to slay my brother to get to generation 5 EACH?”
The brothers were excited to start their assassination business.
“So he was resurrected because remember how only endermen can kill each other?”
“He was last located near the Balzarian forest in a house in Balzaria, the Capitol”
“Take the teleporter”
“Go now he has been waiting for mere humans”
The brothers stepped into the ender portal and they both dissolved from human sight.

Chapter 3
The Forest

“Woah dark and scary, Jack made a good decision to kill here...”
“Help!!!!!! he has got my nephew. Someone please!”
“He’s got a woman and a boy”
“Lets ruin the fun”
They ran towards the cries and stopped at a tattered piece of paper.
“Hey a note”
“Wait he uses the original slender man ways”
“Old school”
They continued to run and they found Slender Man.
“Hey you!”
The no faced figure turned and caught the brothers faces.
“Up for a staring contest?”
They tried their best to hide their extra arms.
“Ok, you weaklings...”
He stared at their dark, peculiar faces before they striked.
They pinned down the figure and a boy ran off from the figures arms.
“What are you doing?”
“Finishing the dirty work”
They slit his throat and ran the direction the boy ran.
Steve nudged and pulled Dan down while they were stalking the woman and nephew.
“A note! Your smile will only last for now, Turn around and suffer your fate”
They turned around. Purple eyes pierced Steves face and Dan burst fire in his hand.
“Ohhhh he’s holding the sun!”
They grabbed the boy and woman and one shoved a fireball down the boys throat and the other penetrated the womans heart with his scythe.
“Mission accomplished!”
“Lets get to the teleporter!”
“We forgot to mark our spot...”

Chapter 4
Lost in Paradise

“How do we get out?”
“We can’t look for the portal”, it will take too long”
“What do we do now Dan?, You're the navigation expert?”
“We need to get to the Sanctuary for the teleporter”
“What Sanctuary?”
“Every country has a Sanctuary”
Steve sighed in sarcasm.
‘Hey... Your showing sarcasm!”
“Yeah.. I... Um... Don't even care and where is the Sanctuary?”
“In the capitol.”
“Yay we already are here”

Chapter 5
The City        

“So... Where is the city?”
“I don’t know, how do you expect me to know when you’re the navigation expert?”
“Because over there is two signs in the Balzarian language.”
“Oh, well. Ok... Thats a different case”
“Go read it”
“Shut up Dan”
Steve walked up to the signs and began to read.
Lawnimonb bymosa kakoshityu dughuti mo vte trohn Valanche momosa!”
“So what does that mean?”
“It means Sun festival happening today and the other one says this way to Valanche meaning ‘Sanctuary’ in our language”
“Why didn't I guess the last bit? That sign is stupid!”
“Maybe it isn’t the sign thats stupid”

Chapter 6
Lost in Paradise II

The brothers entered the door below the letters engraved ‘Valance 6245’
“Hey we’re looking for a teleporter”
“Guess that’d be here”
Steve looked forward and noticed that behind the open closet door was a door embroidered in a fluorescent purple glow.
“Hey Dan, they made a door in the closet, it’s the teleporter”
“I see it, lets run in 3, 2 , 1, Go!”
The brothers ran straight through the door and entered the portal.
“Where. Are. We?”
They both looked up and they were in a fiery, evil sadistic- like scenery, there were trees burning in eternal fire, there is the moon is set on fire and the ground is made of solid molten rock surrounded by what may seem to be a fiery giant mixed with a ram or what may be the devil but was only one of his guards.
“It can’t be...”
“We’re in...”
“Ender Hell”

Chapter 7
Family Reunion

“We need to get to Satane”
“Dan, the reason is hes a pure one and a teleporter”
“Why do we need to know if hes a pure one”
“Because if we find our true names we could become gods too”
They both jumped off the metre cliff they began walking to the dark fortress of Satane.
“Look the gates, that looks like...”
“Oh, hi boys, what killed you here”
“Nothing just a broken teleporter”
“Ok? Go see Satane, he’s upstairs, go see him. He has something to tell you”
The boys were both wondering what the devil would want with them until they reached the top and found a demon embedded door that they carefully nudged the door and the doors pushed themselves forward revealing a bloody trail leading to the throne used by a massive red figure with red fire in his eyes.
“Hello, my nephews”

Chapter 8 - Gods

“You’re our... Uncle?”
“Yes, yes don’t wear it out”
“No butts or I won't help you. So your mother was my sister our true names were Moonfire and Sunfire which gave her blue fire eyes and mine red fire instead of purple, each pure one ha two familiars two protect”
“And we both are your familiars right?”
“Yes, haven’t you seen my warnings?”
“What warnings?”
“Like showing my face in that woman's tear and in your fire at home”
“Oh no...”
Steve looked down.
“So you guys should have a voice in your head that says your true names”
“Ohhh that’s hard”
Steve and Dan started to think.
“Nothing... Wait”
“I think it is.... Death..”
Dan started to change
His hands turned more crispy.
“So god of death, cool”
“Ah, I have a bad headache and its, talking to me”
“What is it saying?
Satan looked straight at Steve. Steve looked up, but he wasn’t Steve anymore, he was someone else. He had a dark blue skull and flaming blue fire round it. He was Skullfire.

Chapter 9
Unfinished Business

“Hey uncle can we teleport ourselves?”
“What do you think a god can do, god of death and god of fire?”
“Ok bye unc”
The brothers disappeared and reappeared in the kings castle.
“Hey you!”
The king turned and was in shock to see the transformed versions of the brothers still alive and breathing.
“What who teleported you?”
“No, no, no, no, no. You two aren’t becoming gods before I do.”
“Already did”
“And we finished your deal”
“Hes dead?”
“Are we getting our evolution now?”
“Are you kidding me? You two are Gods.”
“Thats higher and more powerful than any king in this entire dimension”
“Ok then”
“So get to work or I’ll send you two to the dungeon”
“Because we’re gods and you aren’t”
“Ok so get out of this world”
“You know why king”
The king looked up in shock.
“You want war...”

Friday, 19 October 2012

Teaching Room 4 Netbook Skills

Here is me and my partner Michael. I have been teaching him how to search, play games and access shortcuts. This is really cool because they get to learn new things.

My Vlog Post

We are learning about Energy. Here is a Vlog post to fill you in about my wanderings.

My Narrative Short Story

The Delivery Business

On February 41st, 3016, there was a man named Oscar. He always wore the same dark velvet red suit everyday, the suit of a hotel doorman of course. His job was to deliver packages; Although he prefered to be an hotel doorman. But he was scared of heights. His boss, Michael, Wore a heavy black suit with dark black hair that curved back even when he wakes up. Michael gave Oscar a suitcase and a newspaper to deliver to 10,001 Greece Street. It read: Deliver to Mr Zeus.

Oscar thought back, because he didn’t believe in Zeus from ancient Greek mythology.
He walked outside and stared into his new complex world with hoverboards and bikes that are faster than the speed of light in his eyes, and all he got was a old broken down scooter to deliver to floating mansions. He drove his scooter to Jump street but it stopped up to 10,000. He looked at the corner of 10,000 and a long string walkway with jagged spikes and crocodiles under it awaiting him.

At the top of the string there was ancient white cylinders and white steps covered with gold lining and at the top being an ancient temple of some sort. He was scared, frightened he didn’t know what to do... He got up and walked across the string and he never looked down. He was nearly there... Nearly there... “Look down, I’m just joking, you’re already here” Oscar fell and he landed on the ground unconscious while a bright figure picked up the package and walked away, leaving the newspaper behind.

Current Events Term 3 Week 1

Definiton Presentation

Word Web 'Weird'

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Team Building

Today I learnt about team building with my classmates and group.  We had to cross our arms, then take another group member’s hand then we all had to be in a circle to untangle ourselves until we are all untangled. After our group challenge we played boys vs. girls and then when we started no matter how hard it was for us, Arapeta kept on trying to do it and he kept telling us to work together.  This encouragement helped the rest of the team to believe that we could do it and to keep trying.  I learnt that if you work together and you have a good team leader, you can finish a task.