Wednesday, 21 March 2012

NZ Artist Presentation

Frizzle Chicken Report

A frizzle chicken is rather white or black with fuzzy feathers sticking out of its head, as if it was a hairstyle. They also have fuzzy feet like feather boots.

These chickens live in warm places like new zealand, america and even russia.

Frizzles often eat poultry layer mash and pellets from local stores.

To protect itself, a frizzle chicken guards itself from behind so that makes it harder to catch.

Frizzle chickens moves with its left leg first while its head goes back and forward, like a pecking motion.

They protect their young by keeping it at their warm feet and make sure nothing gets them, these are the most protective chickens of all the chickens in new zealand.

The problem for these chickens is the slow time it lays its eggs and it could get weakened with their legs.

Did you know these are the most fluffiest chickens in the world.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Gretchen Albrecht, Art Queen.

Did you know, Gretchen Albrecht has been to more than one university to study art? She also doesn’t just study art... she travels!

Are you aware that Gretchen is a tourist and travels a lot and was born in Auckland, Onehunga.

Have you heard that Gretchen Albrecht uses the colour field technique? This means she uses ovals in most of her artwork and the only thing different is her colour.

Her most favourite artwork is the ‘Marine Rose’ using an amethyst-like colour and her latest artwork is ‘Alba in Ashes’ made this year!

Did you know that Gretchen Albrecht has made a pourquoi in 2011? This is known as ‘Why the pig has a curly tail.’

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Swamp King and the Mysterious Bull.

In the mysterious, deep, dark and damp swamp you could hear a stranger yelling “MANGAYA MANGAYA HI HI HI HAHAHAHAHAH!!!” A king of a swamp named Sufasa, yelled out his mystical saying of ‘meet meet us us us welcome.He is as hairy as king kong’s, great, great , great grandpa and he likes to sleep and eat,with his wife Su-Sophia.

But there was a bull called bogba he always scared the visitors away from the well known swamp owned by king Sufasa and queen Su-Sophia. One day the king came home to find his wife dead on his favourite swamp couch.

Sufasa picked up the royal swamp spear and yelled “Wollahoolamooolahoola” meaning ‘this is war prepare to die!’ He ran and prepared to throw is spear when the lion murmured “Please dont kill me” the king stopped in fright and wonder.
“I am an ancient beast that cant control himself, please lock me in a cage”
The king locked him deep down in the dark dungeon all the way under his swamp.
Everybody was happy or were they...

By Jayden Kenneth Charlie Roberts and Wiremu Dylan Liddicoat.