Friday, 30 May 2014

Jayden and Sam Smart Surfing

We have been learning about the different types of vocabulary regarding safe searching, take a look!

Jayden, Kraven and Sam Samoan Language Week Presentation

For Samoan Language Week, we had to find out a variety of different things that are in Samoan. Some of this includes numbers, body parts, facts and many other things, Take a look!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

GoAnimate: Difference between a Scientist and an Inventor

Using GoAnimate, me and my buddy Sam created a short template about the difference between a scientist and an inventor, Take a look!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Jayden and Sam Open and Closed Questions

Me and my buddy Sam have been learning about the difference between open and closed questions. 
Then we needed to find a way to show our skills on GoAnimate, Take a look!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

8 Events Template

We have been summarising the main events of the movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs to help us understand how he invents and why he does it, Take a look!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Homophones Presentation

We have been learning about how to define the different homophones and a picture to suit the word. Take a look!

3 Areas of Science

WALT: identify and categorize key-words and experiments related to 3 different areas of science.


The study of living things for example humans, animals and plants.

The study of the properties and make-up of substances and the changes they undergo.
The study of energy and forces.
Check out this site and create a list of experiments associated with Biology
Check out this site and create a list of experiments associated with Chemistry
Check out this site and create a list of experiments associated with Physics
Biology experiments
Chemistry experiments
Physics experiments
eg. what kind of bugs live in puddles of water?
eg. what happens when you mix coca cola and baking soda.
eg. what is the best fruit or vegetable to conduct electricity?
What is the air capacity of your lungs?
What happens when you put mentos inside a coke bottle and then shake it?
How does static electricity work?
How quickly do your tiny microorganisms reproduce?
How does snot help your body?
What colours absorb heat?
What happens when you breed bacteria?
Can you mix oil and water?
What are the different types of parachutes?
What happens when you put a kumara in a glass of water?
What happens when you mix different chemical mixtures?
How do you make your own rainbow?
What does food taste like without one of the senses?
What happens when you put molecules in a glass of water?
How do instruments make different sounds?

Greig's Pointed Problem

We have been learning how to use our comprehending skills to discuss the meaning and answering the questions to the story. Take a look!

Click here to read the text

Why did Greig decide to design a new type of umbrella?
Because the normal umbrellas poked him in the eye with the rib part of the umbrella. Also because in strong winds the umbrella would break and people would waste their money buying it.
What is the history of the umbrella given in the text?
In the olden days, the Chinese created a umbrella made of paper to protect them. They later realized that if they made a more waterproof material it would protect them from the sun too. The same design for umbrella’s hasn’t changed much since then.
What new features did Greig design on the umbrella?
Greig made the end of the umbrella’s blunt so they would make the outside of the umbrella stronger and so that they wouldn’t poke him in the eye. He also made the material float so the fabric would not pull away. He also made the umbrella a bit flatter so that stronger winds would bounce off more easily.
What is the name of Greig’s umbrella and why did he call it that?
Greig named his umbrella the ‘Blunt Umbrella’ because of the bluntness of the edges. This is the main reason of why Greig created the umbrella in the first place, because the umbrella always poked him in the eye.
How did Greig test the umbrella?
First he went to the top of One Tree Hill during a storm with the umbrella to test it’s strength. After the storm the umbrella survived. Later he went to test inside a wind tunnel and trialled it in winds of 117 kilometres an hour. This it also survived.
How does Greig’s work impact the world?
Because their is most likely other people in the world that have the same problem as Greig and they get poked in the eye too. Also because with the blunt edges he also made it stronger and more flatter to last for stronger winds which can save people money.

Character Profile of a Scientist

We have been learning about the fields of science that one certain scientist contributed to in this writing framework. Take a look!

  1. Pick a scientist from the list.
  2. Think/Pair/Share - Discuss with a buddy the significant contributions your scientist has made to their field of science.
  3. Complete the character profile below of a famous scientist.

character profile of a scientist

Archimedes (Last name unknown) C. 287 BC - C. 212 BC
country of origin:
Archimedes was born in the Greek city-state Syracuse on the island of Sicily.
science area:
Archimedes is a mathematician, inventor, engineer, astronomer and physicist.
Significant contribution to their field of science
Archimedes contributed to 3 discoveries:
  • Although there is debate, it is said that he discovered how to use mirrors to burn attacking ships during an attack on Syracuse
  • Archimedes also calculated Pi. Pi is exactly 3.14159265, this is one of the reasons why Archimedes is one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time judging by the tools he used to calculate it.
  • Archimedes also created a miniature planetarium which people didn’t believe he accomplish due to Greeks not knowing about it. In 1902 it was proven that the Greeks had the knowledge of this.
What impact has their invention had on the world?
Archimedes has had an impact because he was around a few millennia ago, and yet he still had knowledge of pi and all of his inventions.

Design Spots Similarities and Differences - Technology

For technology I needed to find the similarities and the difference between two design spots in Auckland. Take a look!

Thinkers Keys Week 2 Term 2

For my homework, we needed to elaborate on our topic for the term, scientists by using the thinkers keys to gives us different ideas on our topic, Take a look!

Reverse Key:

What does a good scientist not do?

  • Doesn’t continue learning
  • Don’t communicate with others
  • Aren’t creative or open minded
  • Doesn’t investigate deeper into what he is studying
  • Have no evidence of their experiments
  • They don’t experiment
  • Always use the same resources
  • Using other people’s knowledge
  • Never uses the right equipment
  • Use all of the wrong results
  • Doesn’t have their own theory
  • Work is not accurate
  • Steals other people’s data
  • Doesn’t identify the properties

Different Uses Key:
Record 11 different uses (each) for:
-a pencil
-a plastic cup


  1. You can use a pencil to defend yourself
  2. You can make a fire
  3. Clean your ears
  4. Clean your nose
  5. Draw
  6. You can try balance it on your finger
  7. Girls use it to hold their hair up
  8. Do push ups
  9. Scratch your back
  10. Pencil tricks
  11. Use it as makeup

A plastic cup:

  1. Drink from it
  2. Use it to contain liquid
  3. Cup games
  4. A hat
  5. Use it as a robot costume
  6. Use it as a cup phone
  7. Use it as ears
  8. Chuck it in the bin
  9. Bowling pins
  10. Use it to hold a plant
  11. Play mini-golf

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Badge Template

For cyber smarts we needed to created badges using one of the school's values and then we needed to make sure that we explained our pictures and the meaning of it. Take a look!

Friday, 9 May 2014

My Poem About The Holidays

This is my poem about the holidays that I made about me playing the guitar. Take a look!

My Guitar:

Tone is playing The Eagles,
Sound from my guitar,
Wanting to play the The Beatles,
Genres here and far,

Mary had a little lamb,
Came from out of the blues,
My dad says I can jam,
SRV he said he knew,
My dad says I can make my guitar weep,
My friend says I’m a noob,
My mum says my songs take a leap,
I say my songs are as easy,
As drawing a 2d cube,                                                                     

Science Symbols

We have been learning about the three main areas of science. For this task we needed to find pictures that related to the definition of each of the areas. Chemistry includes chemicals and the creation of new substances. Biology is the study of living organism and viruses. Physics is concerned with nature and the properties of the matter involved. Take a look!

Acquaintance or Friend? Skills for Adolescence Task

In pairs we needed to find examples and synonyms for what is the difference between a acquaintance and a good friend, Take a look!

Venn Diagram Scientist and Inventor

In pairs we had to identify the differences between a inventor and a scientist and also what they have in common, take a look!

Jayden and Cypress Language of Measurement

We have been learning to identify different words and the key language of measurement with our partners, Take a look!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Jayden and Darwin Definition Battle

We have been learning to identify the different roles that a scientist and an inventor do for the world and for themselves. We have to identify the difference between each other to help us get a better understanding of their roles. Take a look!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Homophones There, Their and They're

This is my presentation testing my punctuation skills on the words there, their and they're, Take a look!