Thursday, 21 March 2013

Jayden and Darwin Farah Palmer Reading Report

Father Palmer , In front row.

Phil Edmonds

The book describes a story of Farah Palmer.

This person was born on the 27th November in Te kuiti New Zealand

Farah Palmer’s main accomplishments were because she became the Silver Ferns captain and another one would be when the Silver Ferns said that she trained them hard and she was a great player. A final accomplishment would be when she won three world cups in a row. Farah is important because she doesn’t care what others who criticize the team being girls and she might inspire other girls who play rugby.

She never let the people discourage her to become a girl rugby player
She has won three world cups in a row with her teammates

We like this book because it tells a story that girls CAN play rugby and it shows how a people can be discouraging sometimes and sometimes you’ll have to ignore them.

We like this book because on the last pages she said that playing Germany was funny and they were excited to play them, even though Germany lost by over 100 points.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Scarf Metaphor

This is a picture I have drawn on tux paint to describe a metaphor of a bright orange scarf. I imagined the sun under his blanket. Take a Look