Friday, 29 August 2014

Graphic Whale Organiser

For this task we needed to state the different cause and effects of a recent article that my reading group read. Take a look!

Graphic Whale Organizers:

Running low on whale poop
Carbon-dioxide absorbing plankton die
Years of overexploitation of whale meat and blubber
Populations of whales plummet
Phytoplanktons dying out.
Disturbs the ecosystem's food chain.
Iron in short supply
Phytoplankton can’t grow.
Whales can only defecate near the surface
Its nearby where the phytoplankton need them.
Whales defecate
Help plankton grow.
Whales continue to defecate iron
Removes 200,000 tonnes of carbon per year.
Adult blue whales consume two tonnes of krill per day.
More poop for Phytoplankton
Japanese allows whaling
Whales near to extinction, leading to no food for phytoplankton

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