Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tsunami Description

Hello this the news. It’s the afternoon in Japan.All the houses are clashing.People are wanting vengeance on the tsunami like a mob breaking into a castle. The houses falling,people running and screaming.

The water is surging through the objects like a gladiator that’s unstoppable.Water climbing on the houses.People feel heartbroken, and mothers brave for their children.Some children were screaming and crying like something has just come and taken homes from people.It is like a war between the earth and water.

I can feel the fear of screams everywhere.The power lines were collapsing over the water and they are sinking down into the water.The water is now climbing into the pedestrians’ shoes.  It Is catastrophic. The water’s crashing,the buildings clashing and people are now crying.Water is surging through buildings.

The force of nature is a tragedy.The tsunami has caused critical damage to objects in it’s path. This is terrifying. People are running further up the buildings,some even climbing up. The houses are fighting off the waves.Some people are feeling that their families are broken up. People can hear the crunch of rubble.This place looks like a catastrophe and destruction.

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